E-Lybra 9 Terapeut2019-03-11T18:39:21+00:00

Bliv e-Lybra 9 terapeut og hjælp dig selv og dine klienter med fremtidens måde at behandle og teste på:

  • 2 dages oplæring på klinikken i Virum
  • support i en fælles international engelsk gruppe på FB efter 2 måneder, hvor du har brugt systemet på din klinik
  • e-Lybra 9 system incl.alt tilbehør (elektroder, videoer, pendants til at kode, quantum star)
  • ring/skriv for pris

The Future treatment works Holistically

E-Lybra 9 for use by quantum medicine practitioners and also for personal balancing. Our e-Lybra Bio-Field Balancing System is at the forefront of research and innovation into clearing blockages and interferences in the energy fields of the living body in order to promote health and wellness.

Physical body, cognitive processes and energy body systems

Over 330,000 Patterns

Massive database of homeopathic essences and flower remedies, body sections, medical conditions, and much more.

The e-Lybra 9 system is a powerful bioresonance device which is designed to give the practitioner a well-equipped toolset with which to help dissolve underlying energetic imbalances that can result in poor health. Furthermore, it is possible to imprint affirmations onto the energy bodies in order to effect further positive change – such as to improve the body’s resistance to electro-magnetic radiation within the environment.